Friday, October 12, 2012

October = craftiness.

I used to hate crafts. Thought it was pointless and more stuff to clutter. The latter is true. But once you have kids(for me) it became fun. Something I look forward to and spend too much time online searching for ideas. 

So if you were/ are like me and kinda don't know what to do. Here's my list of October fun. Just do 1 a week. That's it. Then you can put it all away.

1. Whip cream/ shaving cream finger paint (with food coloring).

2. Leaf rubbings.

3. Leaf collages/ landscapes/ animals.

4. Pumpkin carving.

5. Go to a craft store and pick up a kit.

6. Paint rocks.

7. Cut out coffee filters in leaf shapes and use watercolors.

8. Bake pumpkin bread/ muffins ( ok that's not a craft but it kinda is).

9. Collect leaves and tape them on your window or wall.

10. Put push pins in shape of spider web and make web with white yarn. Glue a few spiders.

Check out these sites for ideas:
The Artful Parent
Crafty Crow

image above from: this site

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