Monday, April 25, 2011

Why another blog?

For those of you who have been following me on our personal family blog, you must be wondering why another blog?  Yes, I'm wondering the same thing.  It's not as though I have time to keep up with the other one, so there's really no time to start another.  Yet, I am compelled to have a second blog as a public site.

So, this is a supplement to my private blog for family and close friends.  I will choose not to reveal details about my family here as that will be shared on the other site.  This will instead be all the extra details which I'm sure no one really wants to read anyway.

So, a little bit about what this blog will be about.  It is called Home Grown.  I felt the need to title it such due to our growing interest in "homesteading" if you will.  No, we're not really homesteading, but we're trying to cultivate such a culture for our family.  I am now a stay at home mom who has a Montessori diploma from the Association Montessori Internationale.  I am trying to raise a family with a Montessori philosophy which coincides with the new trend of slowing down.  I love the resurgence of cooking and eating at home, of taking time to grow your own food, of spending time with your children in nature, turning off the T.V., and that family should be our main priority in life.  Thus, the title Home Grown.

I believe that all things stem from our home, our values, our beliefs, our good and bad habits, the ways in which we communicate and deal with issues, etc.  These are all based on culture and on time.  If we are to raise children who will be our future, we must then help educate them to value the little resources that are to be left for them.  In an age where technology is progressing faster and faster, it is easy to be wrapped up in all things changing and believe that one must abandon past ways.  I believe that giving our children a good foundation and a solid hold in what is simple and fundamental will enable them to be confident and capable of adapting when the time is necessary.

I love Dr. Montessori's belief that it is through man's hands that we have created civilization, and that our minds developed through the use of our hands.  If we forgo the use of this basic and vital part of our human being, we deny our children the possibility to create a future for themselves.

That all said, this blog will also mostly be about our garden and things we do and cook around the house.  I get my two and half year old involved in everything we do.  Since we don't have a real T.V. (other than the internet shows which she knows nothing about ... sshh!), we keep her busy with lots of other things.

I will not be posting pictures of my children and will try not to use their real names either.  This is why I have a private blog to keep our family updated with all those other details.  Being far away from family forced me to create the first blog.  Starting to run out of free space for pictures on my google account has led me to create this second blog :) :)

Happy reading folks.. WELCOME!  Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! Benvenuto!

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