Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Harvest

I'm not quite prepared to make a new post, but since I had an unexpected few minutes at the computer, I figured I'd at least post some pictures and get the momentum back for blogging and gardening.

I had many aspirations for this summers gardening.  Some of it worked out, some of it didn't.  A new baby and all this was quite overwhelming along with guests the entire summer.  No matter, it's all a trial experience and our lives have been filled with jams, breads, herbs, and lots and lots of tomato products.
 Introducing ladybugs into the garden
 Making cherry jam with my mom

Most of the stuff has now been pulled out with a few remaining tomatoes and butternut squash.  Our heirloom varieties provided us with some amazing soup and recently butternut squash risotto with a brown butter sage sauce over it.

The little ones have been enjoying the "veggies" of our labor and it has been comforting to know that we can eat it right out of the yard not worrying about pesticides and such.  The beauty of our front yard gardening is also that it has brought many of our neighbors over with curiosity and friendship.  Many families stop by to look at the growing crop.  Elderly comment how it reminds them of their youth back in the mid-west farms they grew up on.  And a various neighbors from different countries point and ask in broken English what we are growing, if we eat it, what kind of soil or fertilizer we use, and some others who bring their crop to share with us so we can trade from our gardens.  It's been a rewarding experience for the kids and for us as a family to bring us closer to the community in which we live.
 Love making home-made dough for pizza.
 Our favorites with arugula on top and a fall favorite of figs with caramelized red onion and Gorgonzola .

Ratatouille with all veggies fro the garden.

I have great aspirations for this upcoming fall/winter season after purchasing 20 or so packets of seeds from Baker Creek.  Rare beets and carrots of various shapes and colors, greens and lettuces dating back to Jefferson and kings in France.  I just hope it will work.

Anyway, baby is awakening so I will sign off.  I hope to resume both this and my other blog soon.  I'm excited about the new group I hope to participate in Food Swapping that seems to be a growing movement nation wide.

 The purple Inca corn

 Mammoth sunflowers over 7 feet tall.
 Butternut squash
 Amarillo de Oro melons
 typical evening harvest.

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