Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lunch Box Ideas: Healthy Meals for Schools

Since the kids and I have gone back to school, planning and sending in healthy lunches and snacks are quite a challenge.  I first started back in Sept trying to give myself a 30 day challenge.  I soon realized that was not about to happen with time to take and post photos. So, now many months later, I have enough photos to put together a post and hopefully to inspire some of you to send in healthy lunches.  Much of this stemmed from what I have seen in lunch boxes in the past and present, and wanting to have children eat real food for lunch instead of bars, squeeze pouch foods, goldfish, hot dogs, lunchables, or just same old mac and cheese, day after day.
I post some photos on Facebook when I can rather than waiting for a full post. 

Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

 Fried rice with fruit for snack and an orange.
 Home-made pizza with broccoli and pears.
 Breakfast for lunch with cinnamon swirl break, chicken sausage and half a banana.
 Don't remember, smoked salmon, fresh mango with salad, and yogurt with strawberries, honey and cinnamon for snack.
 Lunch of rice and beans with chicken and veggies with side of fruit.  Snack of grapes, crackers and black olives.
 Snacks of home-made yogurt cups with fruit on the bottom and cinnamon.
 Half hard boiled egg, parsley potatoes, toast and watermelon.  Snack of yogurt cups.
 Snack of home-made hummus, pita and olives.  Lunch of pasta with smoked salmon, herbs, and side of broccoli and grapes.
 Fresh tomato salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
 Grilled cheese with grapes, peach, and tomato salad.
 Home-made spring rolls with chicken and mango, watermelon. Snack of yogurt cups with fruit on bottom.
Home-made hummus with zataar, veggies and quinoa bean crackers.  Don't recall what's in the thermos for lunch.

 Pasta with almond cream sauce and chicken with steamed romanesco. Snack of fig bar and strawberries.
 Korean dumplings with dipping sauce and edamame.
 Snack of bean and rice crackers and green apples.  Lunch of sandwiches and steamed broccoli.
Lunch of bean and rice crackers, celery, store bought chicken and macaroni salad.

Lunch of smoked salmon, olives, crackers, tomatoes, and pears.  Snack of yogurt cups with honey, pears and cinnamon.
Lunch of home-made bacon and broccoli quiche with strawberries.  Snack of labne, cucumbers and fig bar.

Lunch: home-made quiche with cucumbers and pears. Snack yogurt cups with fruit on bottom.
 Kids lunch: grilled cheese with sauted zucchini. My lunch: salad with haloumi cheese, squash and tomatoes with pomegranate dressing.
 Beet cream cheese sandwiches with ham slices.  Fruit salad with raisins.
Lunch: spring rolls with chicken and mango, tomatoes and apples.  Snack: guacamole and chips.

 Beet cream cheese is made with roasted beets, cream cheese and a dash of salt whirled in the food processor.

Home-made chicken "nuggets" or fingers.  Thinly sliced breast meat marinaded in buttermilk, salt, paprika, and herbs overnight.  Drain and dredge in panko and herbs. Pan fry or oven bake. 

Containers and details: 
  • Lunchbots divided containers (bento)- note on that do NOT put them in the dishwasher as the directions say.  Our lids are almost fully peeled of color.  There are many newer styles.  
  • Kids Konserve round containers- great seal and do not leak- for now. Great canvas lunch bags!
  • Glass container are from Crate and Barrel but the lids are now loose, and they do leak. CB lets you buy them individually but Libby brand is available for 8 pack at Target.
  • Plastic ones from Container store and Marshalls. 
  • Thermos brand thermoses available at Target.  I found these the easiest for them to open and kept the food hot.  The newer (cooler ones) are really wide and too hard for the kids.  
  • Target spring/summer collection has cute and small plastic containers that are perfect for snacks and small lunches. 
  • World Market is another great place for tiffins and other small containers.  
  • Planetbox is great if your kid eats out of the container, but for us, this is really inconvenient since the kids take out and plate their food at school. 


  1. Thank you!! I am going to make a quiche today and try my best to avoid the same old mac n cheese!

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