Sunday, November 3, 2013

Holiday Cultre Exchange

My apologies in not writing as frequently, but with work and home, time in front of a computer is even less- that's because I choose to sleep instead. 

Our first culture exchange of postcards was a better turnout than I expected so thank you to all who participated.  I didn't get much feedback and would love to, so let me know how it goes either here or on our Facebook page. 

This time we will have a holiday exchange.  I hope this will be a very special and engaging experience for you.  Our holiday theme will include a wide variety of options.  Please share something of the following list or as many as you like, be sure to tell us a little something about the holiday you wish to share.  As many holidays are rooted in religious practices, please be open and accepting in sharing and receiving, see culture exchange details for more info.

  • Family traditions: send a note of what you do and how you celebrate your cultural and holiday event.
  • Recipes: send in an old or new family recipe that you make for your chosen holiday.
  • Ingredient(s): Send in an ingredient that is unique to your recipe or something that makes you think of the season/ holiday
  • Songs: is there a song or songs that have significance to your holiday
  • Trinkets: a holiday trinket or something either home-made or local. 
  • Treats: are there specific treats that are sold during this time of year? (Turron, panettone, speculaas, vanillekipferl, tamales, alfajores, Buñuelos,etc) Whatever is possible to mail meeting international regulations.  
  • Decorations: garlands, papers, or anything else that is used to decorate your house at this time of year.
  • Clothing: a picture of holiday attire, or if you feel generous, send a garment to your lucky recipient! 
  •  Let us know if we're missing something to add here. 

Be creative, this is a wonderful time to share traditions, cultures, family life, city life, holiday treats, and a glimpse of our values with others.  Send in pictures, postcards, or anything else you'd like.  Please include your children when doing this, as this is an opportunity for them to learn and share their joys.

If there is a tradition you'd like to know more about, request it, and let's see if someone can volunteer to send you a package.  If you'd like to send more than 1 package, let me know or post it in your comment. Sometimes, if you're making 1 package it's just as easy to make multiples. 

Thank you in advance for your courage, enthusiasm, interest, and willingness to participate.  I think this will be a really fun experience for us all.  Feel free to share this post with anyone you think would like to participate. 

New Rules- for sign up on Facebook:
This time when you sign up on Facebook, be sure to number it so we can see the order in which you commented.  I think there was a bit of confusion with who came before and after.  So:

1. Homegrown, CA - Sri Lankan holidays
2. Megan, NJ -
3. Mary, Sweden
etc, etc.

Thank you again for participating and I hope to see pictures or hear about your experiences.  Feel free to post one on our FB page and let us know how the experience of sending and receiving goes for your children. 

Happy Holidays :)

Links to get you excited:
List of Christmas food from around the world: Christmas Dishes
Saveur: Holiday recipes

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