Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pressure Cooker Roast

I love my mom's Roast Beef!  It is like none other, except my grandmother's.  I've always avoided even wanting to know how to do it, until recently.  Now that my kids are able to chew up some meat, it is the best road trip sandwich.   I have such fond memories of my mom's roast beef and home made mustard sandwiches while driving in the back seat of some friend's van, truck, or bus.  The combination of the peppery beef and pungent and slightly sweet mustard is an art she has perfected. 

Last year, I tried it a few times and it turned out really well.  It just takes a long- LONG time.  You have to cook the roast in a pot half filled with water, salt, pepper and vinegar, then once it's soft, you separate the liquid and then brown some garlic in a good few spoons of olive oil.  This is where the roasting begins.  You put back the roast and then you keep basting it with the liquid and oil.  It is delicious!

This time, with my new (to me) pressure cooker, I decided to ask my mom how to do it in there.  Well, the cooking time was reduced to 20 min, which for the size of roast I used, I think was about 5 min too long.  I had also salted it a tad too much.  It was unbelievably fast, and since it turned out so soft, it was perfect for the kids.  When you get a grass fed center cut rib roast under $10, you grab it.  Grass feed tends to be a tad on the tougher side, so this method was perfect for it.

We enjoyed it with some turnip, chard, and cauliflower greens cooked in the brown bits of the pressure cooker pan.  Mashed turnips and potatoes, and what turned out to be a crazy creation of mashed sweet potato, carrot mix added to the turnip potato and then made into a pancake by adding egg, flax meal, almond meal, and some gluten free bread crumbs.  This was an experiment at it's best.  It took many versions to get it to form decently, but the kids did love them.

After all this, I forgot to eat it with the mustard! Rats. 

 The roast still in liquid before being roasted.  I guess I forgot to take an after pic, sorry.
 The greens with a good dusting of orange zest.

The experimental root vegetable-mash pancake.

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