Thursday, May 19, 2011

Watching them Grow.

The last two weeks have been spent planting the rest of our purchased potted plants, and starting some of our own seeds.  The best part about starting from seed is to watch them grow- obsessively.  I know, a watched pot doesn't boil, etc, etc, but watching seeds grow into plants is just amazing!

We started some seeds of corn, sunflowers, yellow beans, and scalloped squash.  The tomatoes and padron peppers along with the Marconi, and Purple Beauty peppers have been started indoors in the Jiffy "green house" with my heating pad under it.  So far only the Padrons have been sprouting.

 This year we dug up about 2 feet from the fence and all along it. 
 The cabbage that Paul had put in back in January and my little tomato plants.  I'm keeping room for a few more that are still inside.
 This bed is ready and as of yesterday, growing rapidly.
 I transplanted my heirloom melon and squash plants and used homemade hot caps to help them out and prevent them from the raccoon and skunk that have taken into our garden.
 The two varieties of cucumbers, with space for the Persian. I started the lemon cucumber in the back.
 Here are the melon or squash plants, not sure anymore.
 Zucchini on the left and yellow squash on the right. 
 The beans sprouting up next to the corn.  I'm trying out the "three sisters" method.

 I caged the eggplant hoping that they won't vanish in the middle of the night as they did last year. 

 Bean sprouts emerging.  It was neat to see them sprout up from morning to evening.

Our never ending rainbow swiss chard.  It made me chuckle when Richard Louv talked about the summer of the chard at his talk.  I was all too familiar with this one.

Giving away some tomato seedlings to the neighbors and taking some over to a friend's house for our "guerrilla gardening". 

Here's a list of what's growing:  (this is mostly for myself as well)
Swiss chard
Hero of Lockinge - heirloom melon
Amarillo de Oro - heirloom melon
Butternut squash- heirloom and regular 
Naples squash - heirloom
Yellow crooked neck squash
yellow sweet corn
purple inca corn
yellow butter beans
scalloped squash
purple beauty- egplant
2 other heirloom egplats
3 cucumbers
A variety of peppers 
 herbs-rosemary, parsley, sage, cilanto, dill, lemon balm, catnip, thyme
chocolate mint, mojito mint, and spearmint

Tomatoes: All heirloom seeds from tomato fest
Amana orange
Golden Grape 
Belii Naliv
Cherokee Purple
Black Ethiopian

Still in seedling
Peche Jaune
Big Rainbow
Great White

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